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Enjoys living and working at Barr Farm in North Yorkshire.

Castle Howard

Castle Howard is only 8 miles from Doodale Cottage and can be reached by a scenic car journey through the Howardian Hills or by public transport on Stephenson bus.  Check the bus timetable here. Opening times, entrance price and more information about Castle Howard can be found here. We enjoy a visit [...]

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Barr Farm Highland Beef Bourguignon

Serves 6 Ingredients 1 kg Barr Farm highland braising steak; 200g smoked bacon lardons; 20 shallots; 3 tbsp rape seed oil; 3 tbsp plain flour; 300 ml red wine; 150 ml beef stock; 1 bouquet garni; 1 garlic clove; 300g button mushrooms; To make Barr Farm Highland Beef Bourguignon: Heat [...]

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North York Moors

Hole of Horcum The North York Moors offer plenty of walking opportunities, including the scenic Hole of Horcum.  This is a huge natural amphitheatre 400 feet deep and more than half a mile across.  Local legend says that it was formed when Wade the Giant scooped up a handful of earth to throw at [...]

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